Mental Health Services

Services to treat symptoms of a mental illness are covered. Covered services must be useful
and meet standards of good practice.

Covered mental health services include:

  • Hospital care for a mental health crisis
  • Ordering medication related to your mental health
  • Programs that help you learn how to care for your mental health
  • Programs to help with daily and community living
  • Programs that teach you how to live on your own
  • Services to help you take your medications the right way
  • Services needed in a mental health emergency

Mental Health Emergencies

A mental health emergency is feeling or acting out of control, or a situation that might harm you
or someone else. Get help right away. Do not wait until there is real danger. Call the Crisis
Hotline at 541-474-5360, or call 911, or go to the ER.

Do you need a mental healthcare provider?
Call Options at 541 476-2373 to review your choices of mental healthcare providers that are currently accepting Oregon Health Plan patients.

Visit Options for Southern Oregon at to find addresses for outpatient facilities.