Foster Care Resources

All children in foster care have special health care needs. Some of those health needs are easy to see, but many are not. In order to ensure that every child’s unique health needs are identified and treated as early as possible, State and Federal rules require that all children entering DHS Foster Care received the following care:

  • Physical health assessment within 60 days of their first foster care placement*
  • Dental health assessment within 60 days of their first foster care placement if the child is over 1 year of age*
  • Mental (Behavioral) Health assessment within 60 day of their first foster care placement*

*If a child goes home and is placed again, even for a few days, the 60 days will start all over again.

You will be contacted by the OHP Coordinated Care Organization (CCO), PrimaryHealth, and told who the child’s medical and dental provider is.

If needed, you will be helped getting appointments set up.

The CCO will contact the medical provider, Dental Care Organization, and Options of Southern Oregon to make sure the appointments are made and kept within 60 days.

If you have any questions about access to care, please call PrimaryHealth. Making sure your foster child gets the health care they need today, will give them an important head start throughout their lives.